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Innocenta Dźwierzyńska - zdjęcie
When I had health problems myself, I often had to send my MRI scans through the traditional post or couriers. I remember waiting impatiently, nervous about the delivery. And all the time it took! So I started searching for a solution that would be faster and easier, both for me and my doctor. But I haven't found the right one. That's how the idea for Medtransfer came to my mind.
Innocenta Dźwierzyńska — founder of Mednavi, a platform for oncology patients

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Medtransfer helps patients to quickly send their medical test results
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Medtransfer was created to help patients send their medical test results, especially medical imaging results (i.e. MRI, CT or ultrasound scans).

The file size of medical imaging results, such as mammograms or MRI scans, is usually so big that they can't be sent in an email. With Medtransfer, they can be delivered to the doctor just as easily.

How does it work? All it takes is to upload your test results to the platform, set the time limit for downloading them, then send the link and a verification code to your doctor. They will click the link, enter the code, and view the files in their browser. That's it! No going out, no waiting in lines — it's especially important these days, during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

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Sending and viewing medical test results is just the beginning! We're doing our best to enrich Medtransfer with tools that will effectively support doctors in the diagnostic process. Right now, we're working on implementing artificial intelligence methods that can prove helpful in analyzing medical imaging results. Methods like deep learning or convolutional networks, which are designed to detect patterns in images, are getting more and more useful for doctors.

Among the solutions that we're working on at the moment, doctors will find tools for automating a number of non-trivial procedures. With AI methods implemented, Medtransfer will be able to recognize several illnesses or calculate the volume of a brain tumor based on MRI scans alone.
— Karol Przystalski, PhD, CTO at Codete

Załoga Codete
Innocenta Dźwierzyńska, founder of Medtransfer and Mednavi, with Codete's board of directors

Our technological partner

Codete is a Polish software company with over 10 years of professional experience in the global market. It was founded by Karol Przystalski, Artur Olechowski and Grzegorz Śmiałek. The company specializes in developing modern technological solutions for businesses of all sizes and operating in diverse sectors, such as healthtech, fintech, or automotive.

Codete's key services include dedicated software developers and cross-functional development teams, as well as IT consulting and training. The company's portfolio abounds in solutions based on blockchain, machine learning, and big data. It's the firm's vast experience in trending technologies that enables its partners to enter new realms of digitalization.


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